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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 years pthc 22 May 2011 19:14:27 -0400 (EDT) From: Subject: Revenge of the Beauty QueenRevenge of the Beauty Queen pthc r ygold video Fantasy (F/F, D/s, BD) by _lee120fsdatasync.com_ ============================================================================ ==== Revenge on the Beauty Queen I ============================================================================ ==== Joyce was furious that her neighbor June daughter was in had won the beauty contest over her own daughter Lisa. She had hired a private investigator to follow June to see if she could get anything on her for her revenge. It had worked. June who was married had a black man on the side pedoporn pthc who was fucking her on a regular basic. On top of that, he was a dom and the investigator had lolli pthc cp bbs caught some very revealing pictures of her several times. exxtrem pthc That evening, she pthc innocent girl stormed over to her house and loaded the bomb on her. Threatening to show the pics to her husband and daughter kds bbs pthc ilegal and all their friends unless she promised to be her slave from now on. June who was submissive anyway had little choice but to agree and was coming over this morning after her husband left to work. pthc torrent search Joyce pussy was soaking wet. She had told her daughter about her plan to enslave Lisa mother and her daughter and she was just as anxious for her revenge on Lisa as well.The doorbell rang, as Joyce answered it while naked girls pthc her daughter Angie sat down on the couch. Come in slut, said Joyce as June walked in with head down low. She then saw Angie on dee desi pthc the couch.Please, pthc imgboard list not in front on Angie, she pleaded to Joyce.Don't worry slut, Angie knows all about your slutty performances and she more than anxious to help train you. Isn't that nice of her? Remove your clothes now. All of them.June slowly removed her dress and then her bra and panties. She stood in front of Angie trying to cover her big tits and pussy. Her ass made a perfect target for Joyce who slapped it hard.On the floor slut. Get on all fours.June slowly got on all fours on the floor.>From now on you are my daughter and I slut to use anyway we ilegal pthc pics want. If you disobey in any pthc doujin way you will be severely punished and believe me I am very good fotos bbs pthc pedo at it. Turn around pthc img board and show Angie that big ass of yours. I want you to wiggle it and tell her you have been a bad little slut and need punishment.June slowly turned around so that her ass pointed towards Angie. She started shaking pthc chemical reaction it sideways and tell her she had been a very bad slut and need p unishment. Her face was pthc mom flushed in shame however she was getting excited with the scene by just habit with her previous lover. Angie smiling suggested to child model pthc Joyce that her big ass needed a good spanking. Joyce agreeing suggested Angie get the paddle from the table and try it out. Joyce stories german pthc meanwhile walked in front of June and told her lick her feet during her punishment.Angie didn't even wait till June starting licking good before the paddle landed with full force on her ass hindoo pthc cheek. June pthc porn clips yelled, but the paddle landed again and again while Joyce demanded she get back to cleaning her feet. Her ass was moving sideways from nudist pthc gallery the blows raining down and she knew she wasn't going to ranchi imgboard pthc be able to sit for awhile. Finally, they ceased as she was breathing hard and tears were rolling down her olyesa pthc face as her tongue continued inga kindergarten pthc it chore. She felt Angie hand touching her pussy and moaned from the warm feeling.She's wet mom, she said. The iboard pthc slut enjoyed getting her ass emule search pthc beat. Slap. Don't you slut. Revenge on the Beauty Queen pthc 14 years II ============================================================================ ==== Yes, mistress moaned June licking Joyce feet.Joyce pthc top list 100 had enjoyed watching the paddling and the redness on June ass but her revenge was going to be a ozw pthc lot more. Remove my clothes slut lollita pthc russian with your sandra pthc mouth only.June slowly removed her shoes with her mouth and then got up and unbuttoned the front of her dress. Gripping it with her mouth, she lowered the dress to the floor while Joyce got out of it. She then got behind her and unbuttoned her bra with her mouth and pulled it usenext pthc off her shoulders. She started to get in front to remove her panties but Joyce stopped her and told her to remove them from the no pthc models back.As she press her tongue in the top of the lace panties and gripped them with her teeth, she started to lower them only to have Joyce wiggle her ass in her nose causing her to lose her grip. She fought to get another with her nose pthc bbs boards kds models bbs pthc in her ass pthc porn picture wiggling. Finally, pthc info she was able to grip them enough to lower them to the floor but her nose had been buried in her ass for what seemed liked hours.Hope you like pthc bbs lola forum the smell slut; Joyce laughed, stepping pthc manga porn out the panties. Because now you are going to put your face back in there and lick it clean. Get to work slut.June moved back up and stuck her face in Joyce ass and started licking. Angie was standing there calling her a brown noser and briefcase pthc she could lick her later. It sex teen pthc was humiliating, but it was better than letting Angie see her face at present. Her tonguing must have been good because Joyce was alex portal pthc calling her good little slut and puppy. She started using her tongue as a fotoplenka pthc mother dildo working it in and pthc sites petite out her anus.Honey, said Joyce, why don't you remove all your clothes and have a seat on the couch while slut finishes cleaning my ass. I'll have her crawl and tongue that pussy of pthc bittorrent files yours.When Angie had pthc gallery top removed all her clothing and sitting on the couch with spread legs, Joyce told June to crawl over and beg to lick Angie pussy. June crawled forward pthc handjobs and looked at the young pussy in front of her face and asked permission copernic meta pthc to lick it. Angie didn't reply. 14 years pthc She just grabbed her hair undrage pthc ls island and shoved her face in her crotch. Joyce watched for a moment and then went to the counter and brought back a pthc wrez group strap on cock, which she attached.Time for your screwing, she said and then sat behind June and pedo pthc forums spread her ass cheeks.No, please, not there, said June between licks on Angie pussy. Please, Not....Joyce pushed the fake pthc facial cock in her asshole as she could pthc cgi image board only hear her groan some Angie pussy. She was at her peak now and crack pthc shoved more in. xxx pthc keywords Revenge is sweet she thought.Mom slap her ass, she's not doing a good job.Joyce started slapping the wiggling ass underneath her and shoving the cock in and out of the loosen asshole. She bbs cp pthc boardreader was going to stretch it to the limit as June was trying to say something as her tongue was working harder on Angie cunt. Much better, said Angie in triumph. Ream that ass of hers good mom. Revenge on the Beauty Queen III ============================================================================ ==== Little did voodoo board pthc June know, Angie exploited teens pthc had invited Lisa over that evening and none paid much attention till they heard a sound from the door. Angie looked up smiling as Joyce turned around and saw Lisa standing there shocked at the sight. Joyce kept pumping the cock in June ass. Come cp kids pthc over her sweetie and see your slut mommy doing what she does best. Angie was smiling holding June head down. When June heard pthc illegal board bbs free pthc her call her daughter, she tried to rise up but Angie grip on her hair and the dildo in her ass prevented her from moving. She started pleading with her mistress.I said get over her slut unless you want your mother pictures forbidden dorki pthc posted on every bulletin board in town as well as your dad knowing.Lisa walked over in total shock at what they were doing to her mother. Joyce meanwhile had pressed her hand to June cunt and showed her how much vid pthc 9yo she loved it. She told her she was their slave as June kept quite underneath trying to hide from her daughter view. Angie was slapping the top of her head demanded she continue licking which she did with little choice.Remove your clothes, slut. We want to see what a beauty queen looks like naked.Lisa stood for awhile trying to decide what to do. She knew the consequences if she didn't but she had never done this before. Her school life was destroyed and her dad would probably leave if her knew. She knew it was worthless to try to resist. Her mother had destroyed them. Slowly she removed her clothing to accept her fate as she saw Angie grinning from ear to ear. When she was undress, Joyce demanded she pick up the two pair of cuffs on the table and bring them to her. She then handcuff June hands on little pthc girls her back with the dildo still firmly inserted and then told Lisa to turn around and handcuff her hands. June didn't even look up. She was too ashamed of what she had become.Lisa pushed June face from her crotch and got up and walked up to Angie.I don't see how anyone could win the pageant with pthc fucking torrent an ass this ugly; she said and slapped Angie ass causing her to chatzy pthc jump up. She grabbed her hands cuffed behind her r gold pthc back and bent her over. Slap, slap, take that slut, slap. No more boy friends for you voodoo pthc board slut, slap. Angie was dancing around trying to avoid the slaps. Her ass was on fire. Joyce was watching in amusement and got up leaving the dildo in June ass and sat on the couch. She gripped her hair roughly and shoved her face in her cunt.Eat bitch. Beat her ass raw honey. She's no beauty queen. Just another slut. I bet she'll make a good little puppy.Angie was squeaming for Lisa to stop and then started begging as her butt was totally red and she was now slapping her thighs.You hear mom slut. Do you want to be my doggie and young pthc illegal bbs lick me where I tell you too?Yes, Angie please no rusian pthc more. Slap.Mistress to you slut.Yes mistress, I'll be your doggie slut.Get on the floor and lap my feet slut. Revenge on the Beauty Queen IV ============================================================================ ==== Lisa was smiling as Angie dropped on her knees as started lapping at her feet. She was just getting started as she moved back pthc teen girls and made her crawl forward to start again. She knew mother had setup a camera and tape behind the flowers and now this slut was hers. She wanted her to pay dearly for beating her out of the beauty queen contest. She turned around and noticed Joyce had June on her back on the floor with her legs up in the air and over her lap. She was spanking her redden ass while June was promising to do a better job next time licking her pussy. Lisa enjoyed the sight for awhile but now wanted some of her own.Turning around, she pulled her ass cheeks apart and told Angie to put her ugly face in it's proper place. When Angie hesitated, she turned around and slapped her face hard. As she tried to turn her face she kicked her pussy. Angie screamed and then begged to lick her ass.Smiling, Lisa turned back around and spread her ass wide again. She felt Angie sun pthc tongue around her asshole and favored the feeling for several pthc movie buy minutes before she demanded that she get it inside and clean her hole. She felt her tongue entering her loose hole and pushed back on it to get it in as far as possible. She could hear the slurping sounds of Angie tongue going in and out and was enjoying it. She bent farther over and reached between her voodooboard pthc gateway legs and gripped one of Angie tits and pinched it.Deeper slut, teen sex pthc she demanded. She pthc tgp google knew it was about as deep as she could get it but she wanted to pinch the tit anyway pthc hentai as she pinched the other and demanded the same.Angie was working hard to please her new mistress. Her young roy pthc ass and pussy was sore and now her tits stung from the pinching. She was in a no win situation with no way out other than to please pthc bbs board the bitch. She worked harder to get her tongue deeper inside. She could hear her mother in the background but presently didn't care because her on predicament was pressing. She was relieved when she felt Lisa move up kazz pthc and away. Maybe she had tired out. Instead, she saw her lay pthc image boards on the floor and spread her legs wide and started playing with pthc smut her cunt. She had never eaten a woman before but kds pthc cp gallery knew what the next command would be. Her own pussy was hot despite her mixed pthc collection pain and humiliation.Come here slut and tongue my cunt. Lap it like the elite child pthc dog you are first and then pthc foro tongue fuck me with that pussy mouth of yours. pthc zeps ranchi Removing her hand and massaging her tits, she watched as Angie crawled forward on her pthc by knees and started lapping on her pussy. It felt so good, kyle selfpic pthc especially from the slut.Joyce meanwhile had gotten off the couch and pthc board bbs was squatting on June face getting her own ass licking. June was told are first to kiss it all over and then cp pthc incest pics start using her tongue. She was enjoying riding her face free pthc as she would rise up little bbs pthc a little vicke pthc and then squat down hard pthc girls picture gallery again. June babyj pthc r ygold was working hard to please her raising her head when pthc pthc pthc pthc she rose to keep her tongue buried inside. Her and Angie were both getting off on the slut's tongues. ============================================================================ == More great stories at finding pthc hussyfan archives _ (
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